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This survey commissioned by National Geographic found that
41% of Americans believe that stocking up on supplies or building
a bomb shelter is a wiser investment than a 401(k).

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Oppressive Heat to Build Across Central Plains This Week

Why Do We Call Them the Dog Days of Summer?

Winter Storms Fuel Western Wildfires, Forcing Evacuations

Wildfires Rage Through British Columbia, Forcing 40,000 from Their Homes

Flood Threat to Mount as Severe Storms Lash Midwestern US into Late Week

Alabama's 60,000-Year-Old Underwater Forest Spills Its Secrets in New Documentary
Trump: ‘Let ObamaCare Fail and Then Come Together and Do a Great Healthcare Plan’
McConnell: Senate to Try to Repeal ObamaCare Next Week
Blame Democrats Who Created ObamaCare and Are Dishonest About It

Conservatives Rage Over Prospect of Total Health Care Failure – Say Republicans Risk Congressional Majority If Not Repealed
As GOP Health Effort Stalls, Senator Warns of Looming 'Insurance Bailout'
Are Republicans Wasting Their Health Care Mandate?
For the Love of Charlie Gard

Little Charlie Given U.S. Citizenship 'Giving Him Treatment Lifeline'
Limbaugh: If We Want to Cover Preexisting Conditions, Call It Welfare – Not Insurance
Keeping Illegal Drugs from Flowing into the US Must Be a Multilateral Effort – HOLLY NOTE: Drug smugglers never lack imagination for moving narcotics across the border. As long as Americans provide a massively receptive market, drugs will stream in.
Parents Enraged at Teen Vogue over How-to Column Celebrating Anal Sex
Russians Suspected in NotPetya Malware Attacks – Data-Destroying Cyber Attacks Mimic Ransomware

Tsunami Advisory Canceled After Russia 7.8 Earthquake

6.4 Temblor Hits Peru, No Immediate Reports of Injuries or Damage
3rd Eruption This Year Continues at Piton de la Fournaise, Reunion

Trump Renews Push for Trade, Tax Reform
Cryptocurrencies Go on Sale
China’s WeChat and Alipay Leads World into Cashless Society

95% of Europeans Reject EU Efforts to "De-Cash" Their Lives
Guess What Happens In States Where Food Stamp Recipients Have to Work
Navigating Through the Storms: "I'm Losing My Sense of Outrage"
Is California Bailing Out Tesla Through the Backdoor?
Russia & China Declare All Out War on US Petrodollar — Prepare for Exclusive Trade in Gold
Donnelly Family Business Scrubs Mexican Plant from Website – Indiana Democrat Sold Stock in Company after Called Out for Outsourcing Hypocrisy

Repeal Chances Over: McConnell and Trump Call for Simply Repealing ObamaCare
Liberal Groups Vow to Send Health Care Obstruction Efforts into ‘Hyperdrive’

Michigan: Muslim Doctors Arrested for Scamming Medicare for $164 Million
Zero-Calorie Sugar Substitutes Linked to Weight Gain, Health Problems
Cutting Edge Leukemia Treatment Saves Girl's Life

Mexican Folk Religion Involving Human Sacrifice Gaining Status Among Criminals

Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI: Church Is ‘on the Verge of Capsizing’

Slaughtered Christians “a Viable Target”? Muslim Persecution of Christians, March 2017
‘Honk against Satan!’: Hundreds of Catholics Protest Satanic Statue in Minnesota

Islam’s Onslaught of America Part 7: Language Defines a Society
Islam’s Onslaught of America Part 8: to Seed Host Countries to Gain Numbers
9 Killed, 1 Missing In Arizona Flash Flood, Including 5 Kids

Chilean Capital of Santiago Hit By Rare Snowfall, Leaving 337,000 Customers Without Power

5.3 Earthquake Rocks Greek island of Crete
MIT Researchers Slam Global Warming Data in New Report: In No Way a “Valid Representation of Reality”
Related: Tree-rings Prove Climate Was WARMER in Roman and Medieval Times Than It Is Now - and World Has Been Cooling for 2,000 Years
4.0 Earthquake Rattles Lincoln, Montana
'Coldest Temperature in Years' across Southeast Australia

Wildfires Close in on Williams Lake, BC; Thousands Ordered to Evacuate
Trump Effect: Confidence in Personal Finances Hits 4-Year High
Republican Congress Putting Pork Back in Trump’s Budget
Feds Spend $373,522 to Put Subliminal Cigarette Warnings in Video Games

And $224,999 on ‘Clean Water’ Video Game
If You Think Those Soda Taxes Are About the ‘Obesity Epidemic,’ Think Again

Birth Order Does Matter: New Data Shows 2nd Born Kids Are Likely to Be Criminals, Get in Trouble
Researchers Reveal How They Would Deal with an AI Uprising
China Unveils Gene Tech to Create Superhumans with Hyper-Muscular Test-Tube Dogs

Historic Flyover of Pluto Reveals Unprecedented Detail – HOLLY NOTE This short video shows an interesting bunch of large asteroid – way more than shown in this small image – pummeling one side of Pluto.

Why the GOP Congress Will Be the Most Unproductive in 164 Years
Congressional Job Approval: Real Clear Politics Average 17.6%, Monmouth 18%, PPP (D) 11%, Economist/YouGov 13%, Reuters/Ipsos 26%, Gallup 20% – HOLLY NOTE: Whaddaya bet that the next poll sees their approval rating take another nosedive.
Paul Ryan’s Approval Rating Plummets as Speaker Fails to Deliver for President Trump

4 Trump Pentagon Picks Breeze Through Confirmation Hearing
Trump to Visit Pentagon Thursday
Freedom for Christian Cake Artist Is Freedom for All, Even Same-Sex Marriage Backers

U.S. Still Unable to Evacuate Overseas Embassies in Case of Emergency
Report: Trump, Putin Spoke for Unreported Second Time at G-20
FAKE NEWS: White House Calls Idea of ‘Second Meeting’ Between Trump and Putin ‘False, Malicious and Absurd’

NRA Goes After WaPo: Your Slogan Should Be 'Journalism Dies' Here
California Struggles to Implement New Gun-Control Measures
Totally Terrifying: Mark Zuckerberg in a Dead Heat with Trump in 2020 Theoretical Election Poll
Obama-era Surveillance Timeline

House Unveils Budget That Balances, Achieves $9 Billion Surplus, Increases GDP to 2.6%
Foreigners Snapping up U.S. Homes
‘Death Saint’ Cult: What You Never Knew: Awful Rituals from This Folk 'religion' Have Popped Up in the U.S., Alarming Law Enforcement

Qatar, Saudi Arabia to Islamize One of Europe's Greatest Cathedrals
Dad Allegedly Killed Daughter Over Muslim Boyfriend

Bear Turns Heads By Riding in Motorcycle Sidecar, Waving to Onlookers

'Unmasking' Probe Grows: More Than a Half-Dozen Senior Obama Officials Are of Interest in Investigation

This Is the Kind of Crap That’s Ripping Our Culture to Shreds

The Left's Next Step: Redefining 'Hate Speech' as Violence

First Somali-Muslim Police Officer in Minnesota Kills Blonde Yoga Instructor in Cold Blood

New York Times Omits Clinton State Department Link to Trump Jr. Meeting
Mitch McConnell: Trump Nominations Will Take 11 Years Thanks to Senate Democrats
INSANE: Mob of HUNDREDS of Teens Surround, Assault, Taunt Cops. Cops Told to Stand Down.
Our Own Little World
The Subterfuge of Socialism
Charlie Daniels: ‘Benghazi Ain’t Going Away!’

Obama Library Foundation Now Allows Corporate Donations, Millions Roll in
Librarian Laments 'Fatigue' from 'Presence of White People'
New Battle in Obama's War on 'White Suburbs': Republicans Call on Ben Carson to Undo Housing-Discrimination Rule
Global Cyber Attack Could Spur $53 Billion in Losses

Families All Over the US Are Painting Rocks to 'Spread Kindness to Strangers'

Trump Holding Theme-Week Events to Turn Focus to Economic Agenda

Gorka Defines Opposition Party: ‘Fake News Industrial Complex’

Trump Lawyer Jay Sekulow: Meeting with Russian Lawyer 'Not Against the Law'
Is Russiagate Really Hillarygate?
Conspiracy Narrative Collapse: Just 9% of Republicans Think Team Trump Colluded with Russia – Down from 18% in April

Man Throws 2-Year-Old Cousin into Traffic in Colorado Springs
10 Killed, at Least 37 Wounded in Chicago Weekend Shootings
1,971 People Shot So Far This Year…
Nearly 150,000 Attempts to Hack SC Voter Registration System on Election Day: Report
EPA Mulls Unions' Ideas for a Trump 'Clean Coal' Power Plan

Carl Bernstein: 'Cold Civil War' Gripping US as Media Embrace 'Different Truths'
James Carville: Dems Face an Uphill Battle if They Want to Win Back the Senate in 2018
Schumer: McCain's Return Won't Save Health Care Bill
6 GOP Senators Who Could Kill ObamaCare Repeal, Replace

McConnell Slips Kickbacks into Senate Healthcare Bill
New Medicaid Worry Emerges for Centrists
How the Left Hijacked the American Psychiatric Association and Normalized Personality Disorders
Canada Quickly Walks Back Boycott of Judea and Samaria Wines
Islamic Activists Instigate Scuffles, Block Entrances at Temple Mount

Israeli Government Opposes Adoption by Same-Sex Couples
The Secret Lives of Hummingbirds in Incredible Slo-Mo Footage
Robert Farmer, Serial Cat Killer, Sentenced to 16 Years for Animal Cruelty
Miracle Dog That Survived Texas Tornadoes Comes Home from Rehab

For One Sweet-Faced Giraffe, an Outpouring of Sorrow

IT'S OFFICIAL: US Confirms NKorea Can Hit America with Nuclear ICBM

NKorea May Have More Nuclear Weapons Material Than Previously Thought
NKorea Committing ‘NAZI-era Atrocities’ and Executing People in SCHOOLS
Iran Military Warns Against IRGC Sanctions
Mayor in Italy: "We are INVADED, OVERWHELMED" by Muslim Migrants

House Democrats Cry Russia in Failed Effort to Derail Border Wall Funding
President of Latino Group: ‘La Raza’ Name Was 'a Barrier to Our Mission' – HOLLY NOTE: "A rose by any other name is still a rose" and so is the group who called themselves The Race.
Phoenix PD’s Sanctuary City Proposal Could Trigger Spike in Violence, Say Officers
Democratic Lawmaker Wants Second Statue of Liberty on Mexican Border – Immigration Enforcement Advocate Says Rep. José Serrano 'Has No Idea' What American Landmark 'is All About' – HOLLY NOTE: It's hard to imagine a more astonishing display of ignorance.

Temple Mount Clashes Palestinians: 14 Hurt, One in Critical

Doomsday Averted on the Temple Mount, for Now
Minister: Israel Will Now Act to Reestablish Jewish Sovereignty Over Temple Mount

PA Leader Warns Israel over Al-Aqsa

Stolen Dog Is Returned to Bereft NFL Star

Man’s 6th Sense Helps Save Baby’s Life
DHS Grants Small Number of Guest-Worker Visas, Tests Trump’s ‘America First’ Promise

Border Patrol Union Chief Praises 'Miraculous' Drop in Illegal Immigration under Trump
Border Patrol Morale at Highest Level, Says Agent

How Mexican Cartel Gunmen Drove Through U.S. Border Security – Twice

Trump Admin to Hit Iran With New Sanctions as Tehran Threatens Attacks on U.S. Bases

Trump Must Withdraw from Iran Nuclear Deal - Now
Europe Beware! Turkey Eyes Iran as Replacement Partner
The US Deep State: Sabotaging Putin-Trump Ceasefire Agreement In Syria
Turkey: Erdogan's Obsession to Take Jerusalem
Abbas: Shut Up or I will Arrest You!

Report: Wolf and Livestock Deaths Hit Record High in Wyoming

Bambi’s Best Friend? Dog Helps Owner Rescue Deer Stranded In Long Island Sound
Immigration May Be the Biggest -- and Least Expected -- Legislative Victory This Year
Authorities Find 400 Pounds of Marijuana Hidden in New Cars Shipped from Mexico

Federal Government Pays Texas Counties to Track Illegal Immigrants
It’s Happening: New Photos Reveal Trump Administration Preparing U.S.-Mexico Border Wall Construction

Trump’s DHS Considers Expanding Expedited Alien Deportations

Dead Bodies in the Desert Prompted Tougher Border Measures in Arizona

Previously Deported Nigerian Pleads Guilty to Ripping off the US for $12 Million

DOJ Ask Supreme Court for 'Immediate Intervention' on iMmigration Ban, Documents Show
SKorea Willing to Sit Down with North on Easing Tensions, Family Reunions
Winning a War Against NKorea Would Come at 'great Cost': Here's What It Might Look Like

The North Korean Threat
Revealed: London Accuses France of Plot to 'Wreck Britain' - Even If It Gains Nothing Itself – HOLLY NOTE: Sounds like the Progressives' agenda on Republicans

60 Minutes: Worldwide Pedophile Network
Freak Fest in Colombia

Hungarian Gov't Calls Campaign Against George Soros 'A Matter of National Security'

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